Empowerment Training and webinars

Our student Empowerment Workshops and webinars provide students with practical tools and tips to successfully navigate the recruitment process, and access a level playing field to get the careers they deserve. Our Disability Empowerment Training and University Partnership Programme offer valuable resources for careers and other student support services.

Open resources

Our Next Generation Inclusive Thinking webinar series has included:

  • Your rights: privacy and adjustments
  • Adjustments in the context of COVID-19
  • Tips for interviews: focus on autism and neurodiversity
  • Open Q and A: your disability and employment questions answered
  • University and beyond

Tailored resources for our Inclusive University Partners

Our Disability Empowerment Training

Gives university careers professionals a deeper understanding of how to support their disabled students.

Our tailored student webinars

Are designed to meet the specific needs of our Inclusive University Partners’ students.

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"EmployAbility’s Disability Empowerment Training session was very engaging and insightful for all the recruiters involved."

– Amazon

"EmployAbility are great partners. They have enabled us to get in front of many students, who may have perceived our industry as being out of reach for students with disabilities."

– Executive Director – Campus Recruiting, J.P. Morgan

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