Campus ambassadors

We have student ambassadors on campuses across the UK, each one bringing their own ideas and experience of how to raise awareness of our unique services. They provide a point of contact for other neurodiverse and disabled students, and often work closely with their university careers service. All of our ambassadors are welcome to add their profiles to our LinkedIn page, enhancing their professional profiles and deepening their skill sets in a way that can be evidenced.

To apply to be an ambassador or for more information about this programme, please email

"EmployAbility is like an invisible best friend you didn't know you had. You can talk to them at any time, reach out for help at any time, they will guide you through the process, connect you to others, and celebrate your successes with you: strong believer in equality and stands strong for the gifts and talents we have."

– Sonia, University College London EmployAbility Campus Ambassador

"I strongly believe in both functional and neurological diversity. I found the extra support offered by EmployAbility invaluable. I now want to raise awareness to other students who have a disability, of the free help EmployAbility can provide in the transition from education to a professional career."

– Luke, University of Oxford EmployAbility Brand Ambassador