Employer services

Inclusion consultancy

We work with you to identify the barriers to diversity and inclusion within your organisation, and propose practical solutions to build a sustainable and authentic culture of belonging, in which all employees feel valued.

Open, future-facing organisations need ethics at their core. Our specialist disability consultants work with you to gain a deeper understanding of your organisation’s diversity culture. This informs our strategy to help you to become an authentically inclusive business.

Once you have implemented the recommended processes, our commitment to you continues by providing ongoing expertise whenever you need it. This includes legal updates, advice on particular disability issues as they arise, and reviewing progress.

Disability Empowerment Training

The ethos of all of our training is best practise, going beyond compliance. We empower you with the knowledge and practical tips to create a culture of inclusion and belonging. Based on 16 years of providing education around disability in employment, our innovative and context-based methods of delivery are designed to create a safe zone for learning. Different people learn differently, and our training methodology reflects this.

Tailored Disability Empowerment Training (in-person or remote)

Tailored interactive training to empower you and ensure that your organisation is operating within best practice guidelines, beyond compliance. The sessions are designed to your specification, tailored to specific audiences (for example recruiters, managers or employees generally), and focusing on particular types of disabilities (such as mental health and neurodivergence). Session length and format can be customised to suit your needs.

Online Disability Empowerment Training Modules

Our modular learning tool enables you to scale up and reach a wider audience within your organisation. The modules are building blocks that offer a flexible way to grow understanding of disability in the workplace, from the basics up.

Best practice beyond compliance

Best practice beyond compliance should be the standard to which any inclusive organisation aspires. Next Generation Inclusive Thinking is about pioneering best practice that also ensures legal compliance and protection in the relevant jurisdiction.

We will help you to design recruitment and adjustments processes that are not only compliant but also foster a sense of welcoming and inclusion for applicants and employees.

Recruitment process audits

We undertake comprehensive audits of existing recruitment processes. Based on our findings, we make recommendations to ensure a barrier-free, inclusive candidate experience, whether for internships, graduate programmes or lateral hires.


Our Adjustments@Work Process is designed to ensure that your employees get the adjustments they are entitled to, know who to approach and how, and that your managers are able to fulfill their responsibilities. Having a transparent process that is well promoted, minimises your legal risks and ensures you are following best practice, fostering a culture of inclusion and belonging.

Our Adjustments@Work Advisory Service provides individualised recruitment and workplace adjustment advice for the recruitment process and the workplace. This ensures that applicants and employees feel fully supported and confident in requesting the adjustments they need, without unnecessary anxiety or stress. We provide you with tailored wording for your website, recruiter signatures, and intranet so that you can message this support externally and internally.

Attracting and on-boarding talent

Organisations are increasingly aware that diversity brings different experiences, skills and ways of thinking which generate creative solutions. As one of our Next Generation Inclusive Partners, we will ensure your recruitment and on-boarding processes are barrier-free, to help you stand out from the competition in attracting and retaining diverse talent. We will support your candidates and new hires with individualised adjustments advice, and help you to understand and implement these. Partnering with us in this way sends a powerful message about your commitment to diversity, inclusion and belonging.

Internship and graduate programmes

Our internship and graduate programme service, including vacation schemes and training contracts, provides you with 360 degree support to attract, recruit and onboard talent from the widest possible pool. By partnering with us, you have access to candidates from universities across the UK and Europe. We can also partner with you for programmes in North America, Asia Pacific, the Middle East and Africa.

We provide individualised adjustments advice and support to ensure that candidates get a level playing field in order to maximise their chances of success, whilst you get the best and most diverse talent.

Our team has more than three decades of experience in recruitment across a broad range of sectors, and two decades of disability expertise.