How did you find out about EmployAbility and the Google Europe Scholarship for Students with Disabilities?

My supervisor sent email to all lab members informing us that there are many prestigious Scholarships awarded by Google especially for senior Postdocs/ Computer Scientists. I remember catching myself saying ‘ There must be something suitable for me to apply for!’ I was then a 22 years old undergrad studying Molecular Biology while working as Research assistant in the field of Computational Neuroscience. The Google Europe Scholarship seem ideal! And it was!

How were we able to help you?

It is obvious that being a Google Scholar can definitely empower and boost not only my CV but it is also a great recognition and reward of my so far research endeavours. It enabled me   to continue doing what I love the most. Study the brain using computational tools. Being a Google scholar is a huge motivation for me.  I do feel determined and dedicated to continue being excellent and innovative

Where are you now and what advice would you give to any disabled students who are thinking of applying for the scholarship?

My research in Computational Neuroscience has been presented in top conferences such as the Federation for European Neuroscience Societies (FENS) meeting, taken place in Copenhagen in 2016. I presented the results via a poster presentation where I acknowledge Google Europe Scholarship. The project was granted also by the Hellenic Society for Neurosciences as the best master level author-research.  My work was also presented in other prestigious conferences and invited talks abroad by me and my supervisor.  I am currently finishing my master level studies in Greece. In October I am moving to Berlin to obtain my PhD in Einstein Centre (Cluster of Excellence) of Neurosciences in Berlin!

My tips for writing a successful application is just express yourself and fully describe your personality, your ambitions, and your so far academic and research accomplishments. You do not have to be the best.  You should try to be innovative, passionate and committed!

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