How did you found out about EmployAbility?

I first found out about EmployAbility from an email sent from my university Accessibility centre

How were we able to help you?

EmployAbility has been of great help, I received feedback on my CV when I first applied. I was given support on what to expect from the interviews and help with preparing for them which gave me the confidence I needed to get through the interview process and subsequently the internship. The support given also went beyond the recruitment process, through the internship, EmployAbility have been in touch to ensure I am progressing well.

Where was your placement and what was it like?

My internship was at Bloomberg, it has been great, Bloomberg is a huge company with a lots opportunities available. Working in the Analytics and Sales department has given me a great exposure to the company and the culture.

Where are you now and what advice would you give to any disabled students who are looking for jobs/placements?

I am currently approaching the end of my internship at Bloomberg. The advice I would give would be to not feel intimidated to apply. There are lots of help and support available, try as much as possible to be proactive and not scared to reach out.

At EmployAbility we work with disabled university students and graduates to ease the transition from education into employment. To take advantage of these opportunities, the first step is to register with us. You can also  contact us with any specific queries.