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If you are having any problems using the EmployAbility Applications service, like submitting an application, uploading a document or logging in, refer to this help section before contacting us. You may be able to resolve the issue yourself.

Getting Started

If you've just registered with EmployAbility, the first thing to do is work through your Profile and complete as many sections as possible. All your Profile information will get used in most application forms, so when you do start a new application form we'll start you off by pre-filling many of the fields in advance.

Submitting Application Forms

When you start filling out an application form, you are not under pressure to submit it immediately. We encourage you to take your time and give your answers a great deal of consideration. To enable this, you can save your application form and return to it later, before final submission.

Logging In and Logging Out

If you are logging in from a public computer DO NOT choose the "remember" option, as this will store your log in details on that computer.

If your browser session remains idle for more than 24 minutes, you will be automatically logged out.

Always log out when you're finished.

Problems Logging In

If you are having problems logging in, trying clearing your cache and clearing your cookies. Sometimes old session data is stored by your web browser, which is why it's always a good idea to log out after you're finished.

Problems Saving an Application

If you can't save your application form, the most common reason is that your browser session has expired. If your session remains idle for more than 24 minutes, you will be automatically logged out. This could be disastrous if you've spent time perfecting your answers but not saved your changes within the allotted browser session time.

Each time you click a link on the site (either to view a different page or save your application form) the session time is restored back to 24 minutes.

If you think your browser session has run out and you have unsaved changes to an application form, a simple solution is to open another page on the site in a separate browser tab, log in again and then return to your application form and save. Save early and often.

If you can't save your application due to a bug in the system, please see the next section on reporting a bug.

Reporting Bugs

If you find a problem on the system that appears to be a bug, you will need to contact us with details of the bug. Please include as much of the following in your bug report:

  • The date and time the bug appeared
  • Note down any error message you receive
  • Describe precisely what you were doing
  • The name of the application form you were working on
  • The name of any attachments you were trying to upload
  • Which web browser you were using (including version number, e.g. Firefox v8.1)
  • Which operating system you use (e.g. Windows, Mac, Linux)

Send your bug reports to help@employ-ability.org.uk.

Getting Help

If you have any trouble completing your profile or filling out an application form, don't hesitate to contact us.