Google Europe Scholarship – Essay Questions

Question 1

Why did you first become interested in computer science? How did this lead you to further study/pursue computer science and what do you hope to accomplish with your degree/knowledge?

Please be as specific as possible, making sure to answer both parts of the question. You should use examples that demonstrate your passion for computer science. For the last part of the second question, try and think about how you will use the knowledge gained during your studies, and how you foresee yourself developing these skills, following completion of your qualification.

You can make reference to work and academic experiences, achievements and aims in relation to computer science.

The recommended word count is between 400-600 words.

Question 2

We would like to ask you questions about a technical project you have been involved in or a piece of research that you undertook, where your contribution and involvement was key to its success.

When answering the questions, please remember that the Computer Science professional reviewing your application may not share the same technical expertise or knowledge of your particular research field. Therefore, please make sure to explain all technical terms and processes accordingly.

Any evidence to support or to help illustrate your essay (e.g. graphs, diagrams, algorithms, sections of code etc.) can be uploaded in the ‘supporting documents’ section, for all such items please include the name of your evidence in square brackets in the appropriate place in your answer, for example [Mygraph1].

Part 1 – What was the problem your project or research was trying to solve? (100-150 words)

Part 2 – Was this done as part of your university studies, an internship/work experience or was it a personal project?

Part 3 – What was your solution to the project or research? (100-150 words)

Part 4 – What were the technical problems that you faced? (100-150 words)

Part 5 – Was this a solo project or were you working as part of a group. If it was a group project, please state your personal involvement in the project. (50 words)

Part 6 – Do you consider this project technically challenging, innovative or both? Briefly explain why. (100-150 words)


Question 3

The following questions relate to an example of a time when you exhibited leadership.

To answer these questions, you can draw from your academic, work or extracurricular experiences, responsibilities and/or achievements.

Please be sure to be clear about your role in any activities or achievements described, and the outcome of your involvement. Please quantify your achievements where it is appropriate to do so.

The term ‘technical community’ refers to any communities that you are connected to that are technology based communities, such as any IT/Computer Science related societies/ on-line forums, any other users/groups of specific technologies and social media platforms etc.

Part 1 – Provide an example of a situation in which you demonstrated leadership. If possible, please choose an example which shows how you helped, influenced or had an impact on members of the broader community, such as your technical community, or your university. (150 words)

Part 2 – What were your goals or what were you trying to achieve? (100 words)

Part 3 – How were you able to influence others to achieve your goal or persuade them to your way of thinking? (250 words)

Part 4 – Were you successful in achieving your goals, or if not, what did you learn from this experience? (100 words)

Part 5 – In what ways were you able to have an impact on or influence members of the broader community, such as your technical community, or your university? (150 words)