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LV, Language Sciences (University College London)

After suffering permanent hearing loss and tinnitus last year I was concerned about how to make potential employers aware of my disability and necessary adjustments for interviews and assessment centres. The support and encouragement I have had from EmployAbility has been fantastic and I have just found out that I will be starting a full time job on the FSA graduate programme next year. I would definitely encourage other disabled students to apply through EmployAbility for internships and graduate schemes and would like to thank the team for their hard work and dedication in helping me.

LV, Language Sciences at University College London (2011)

At EmployAbility we work with disabled university students and graduates to ease the transition from education into employment. To take advantage of these opportunities, the first step is to register with us. You can also contact us with any specific queries.

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EmployAbility's Disability Empowerment Training session was very engaging and insightful... providing best practice advice for the recruitment process and beyond - Amazon

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