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eAbility Newsletter Spring 2010

26 Apr 2010


Welcome to the Spring edition of eAbility for the latest news on EmployAbility’s activities, current information and events relevant to you.

This quarter’s eAbility focus is on the following:

  • Our current internship and graduate programmes
  • Forthcoming EmployAbility skills workshops designed to enhance your chances of success when applying for internships and graduate opportunities
  • Check out EmployAbility’s top tips for making the most of your internship
  • Up and coming Graduate Recruitment Fairs that we will be attending – come and visit us!
  • Links to disability inclusive employers working in partnership with EmployAbility
  • Recruitment and disability related websites
  • Liked our service? Want to give back?
  • Get in touch

We’re always keen to hear from disabled students or graduates who are looking for internship or job opportunities. Please forward this newsletter to anybody you know who should be on our radar. They can send an email to register@employ-ability.org.uk to be added to our mailing list!

Keep in touch with us by joining EmployAbility on Facebook – we’ll let you know when we’re visiting your university, what new internship opportunities are coming up and a lot more.


The Brand New EmployAbility Website! Have a look today! www.employ-ability.org.uk

We launched our new website on Wednesday the 21st of April and we are very pleased with the results!

It’s much easier to navigate around and will be updated with the most recent EmployAbility news and information about the careers events we will be attending, as well as keeping you up to date with exciting new and current graduate and internship opportunities with Disability Inclusive employers.

There is also a page full of useful links and information about disability organisations and places you can find help and support.

NUS Disabled Students Conference 2010

We recently ran a workshop at the NUS Disabled Students Annual Conference in March. This event was a great way to meet University Disability Officers from across the UK and find out what issues they are tackling currently at their universities. The issue that we most identified with is the problem of reaching and offering support to all students at universities who have a disability. This problem occurs because a lot of students and graduates who have ‘hidden’ disabilities such as dyslexia, diabetes, dyspraxia, epilepsy, long term illnesses or any form of mental health condition, do not self identify as actually having a disability and therefore do not register with the university disability officer and do not receive the support or guidance that they are entitled to.

There is no good reason that someone should struggle through their studies and then also find it difficult to seek the sort of employment that they have the ability to do, irrespective of disability, without the support that they need, but, many people do so needlessly. Please help us to stop this happening by forwarding on this newsletter to anyone who you know has any form of hidden or other disability so we can offer them free support and advice in looking for internship or graduate positions and make sure that they finally receive the help they need.

Find out more information and how to participate here http://www.officeronline.co.uk/disabled/.

Spring and Summer Internship Programmes

Thank you to all of you who applied for our Spring and Summer Internship programmes. Well done to those that were successful – competition was fierce particularly in the current employment conditions. Now that you’ve gained that all important placement though, you need to make sure you make the most of this great opportunity. Have a look at our “Make the most of your Internship” section for useful tips.

If you weren’t successful this time round, don’t let this discourage you from re-applying for next year’s internships or graduate roles, most of which will be open for you to apply to in June/July, details of all new opportunities will be posted on our website; www.employ-ability.org.uk. For this year, we are still recruiting for Google and Dow Chemical for internship programmes and the National Audit Office, Google, Herbert Smith and Mayer Brown are currently looking for graduate recruits. Have a look at our current Internships and Graduate Programmes section – www.employ-ability.org.uk/internships.

Join our facebook group!

If you haven’t heard or you don’t remember, we set up a group on facebook to raise awareness of the shameful situation surrounding the Student Loans Company’s failure to process Disabled Student Allowance applications this year.

Thankfully we are not the only people concerned with this issue, and were contacted by a journalist who wrote an article in The Guardian about this. You can view the article http://www.guardian.co.uk/education/2010/apr/06/disabled-students-allowance-delays.

Also – if you haven’t joined our facebook DSA group yet, then please show your support and join today! And, also spread the news and tell your friends!

We are always available to answer your questions and advise you on employment and disability issues so do give us a call 07852 764684 or drop us an email info@employ-ability.org.uk.

All at EmployAbility

Internship and Graduate programmes still open

By applying to any of the programmes listed below through EmployAbility we can offer you support and guidance through the recruitment process and beyond. We currently have the following opportunities with these disability inclusive employers. If you are interested in any of these exciting programmes, you need to apply now as the deadlines are imminent!

Whilst we are no longer taking applications for the majority of our other internship and graduate programmes, keep an eye out in June/ July when we will be opening the application window again for Internships for Summer 2011 – more details on those will be coming up in the Summer edition of our newsletter…..

Internship Programmes:

Graduate Programmes:

EmployAbility Skills Workshops

Interested in a career in finance?

Want some free tips and advice on how to succeed?

Then come along to the EmployAbility Skills Workshop on 5th May 2010!

Date: Wednesday 5th May 2010

Location: FSA Offices, Canary Wharf

EmployAbility skills workshops are designed to provide you with the key skills, insights and tools needed to succeed in applications to the top graduate employers.

Our Spring 2010 workshop, taking place on 5th May, is being run in-conjunction with the FSA and will provide essential tips for anyone considering a career in the financial sector. It will consist of:

  • key tips and advice on how to answer competency based questions on application forms
  • advice on how to succeed at interviews and other assessment centre exercises, including group exercises
  • guidance on disclosure of your disability and how to request adjustments to the recruitment process, such as extra time for tests
  • an insight into the important work of the Financial Services Authority (FSA)

To make sure you secure a place to attend this workshop, simply email us with ‘I want to attend the EA Skills Workshop on the 5th of May’ in the subject line to Racheal Ellis, and we will be in touch soon with more details. But hurry – places are filling fast so, register your interest today!

Further workshops will be coming up, so please keep checking our Student Workshop section on our website if you want to attend!

Graduate Recruitment Fairs

EmployAbility will be attending the following fairs – come and meet us face to face to discuss your career options! Check our website for details of other graduate fairs we will be attending in the coming months….

National Graduate Recruitment Exhibition – Birmingham

Friday 11 – Saturday 12 June 2010

Take advantage of a host of free features at the event to get your career flying:

  • Head to the CV Clinic to gain invaluable tips on your most important sales tool
  • Get the best in professional career support at the Advice Clinic
  • Get free practical advice and experience on how to approach a graduate assessment day in the Mock Assessment Centre
  • Gain job-hunting tips and find out the vacancies on offer in the Presentation Theatre

…plus, the organisers will give you up to £10* towards your travel expenses if you are a full-time student. (*terms and conditions apply).

The University of Manchester Graduate Recruitment Fair

Wednesday 16 – Thursday 17 June 2010

EmployAbility will be attending on both days – come and visit us!

The two–day fair has different exhibitors each day and over 160 exhibitors in total!

  • Free entrance
  • Students and graduates of all universities welcome!
  • Free fair guide available on entry
  • Free shuttle bus from Manchester Piccadilly Railway station.

Make sure you check the A-Z list of exhibitors carefully to know which exhibitors are attending on which day.

For more information, including opening times, venue, how to get there, etc. Visit http://www.careers.manchester.ac.uk/students/events/fairs/graduaterecruitmentfair/

London Graduate Fair

Wednesday 23 – Thursday 24 June 2010

Pre-registered visitors will get fast-track entry from 11am. Visitors who have not pre-registered may enter the fair from 12pm onwards.

  • Free entrance
  • 1000’s of jobs
  • Up to 100 top employers
  • Expert CV and Application form feedback
  • Guardian Sessions Room



Be punctual at all times.

Dress appropriately. If you are unsure about what is considered appropriate in the particular company, it’s best to dress up than to dress down. If there is a dress-down policy, you will find that out very soon.

Take initiative. Show enthusiasm: if there is extra work you would like to do beyond your remit, offer to take it on. But be yourself, don’t over-do it – what you may think is attentive, others may see as desperate.

Ask questions. Do not be afraid to ask questions. You will be viewed as proactive, inquisitive, keen to learn and a team player, all valuable qualities in the world of work.

Be positive. Sometimes, it may not be evident from the task you have been asked to do how the task will help you develop certain skills. Approach it with a positive attitude anyway, and the benefits of carrying out any task well will become evident in hindsight.

Keep a diary. A diary proves extremely useful after your internship, when you need to update your CV, write application forms, and answer interview questions. You will meet many people, undertake many tasks and receive a lot of advice in a very short space of time. Keeping a diary will help you remember situations that you can later use as concrete examples to demonstrate certain competencies and skills.

Make sure all adjustments are in place. Although you will have had all your adjustments put in place with the help and support of EmployAbility, Access to Work and the organisation where you are placed, if there is something you realise you need once the placement has started, do not hesitate to ask to have adjustments readjusted. Get in touch with us, your line manager or a colleague on your team. There is very little that cannot be rectified or accommodated for, if you are open about your requirements.

Attend training. If any training is available, make the most of this opportunity. It’s an excellent way to gain more knowledge about an organisation, its culture and its working practices.


Get to know other interns. There will be interns who have joined the organisation through our scheme, other diversity schemes or perhaps the company’s own scheme. Not only is it good to have company and support during the summer, but you may also find yourself making some good friends.

Get to know your colleagues. Colleagues are a great pool of knowledge about a firm, and one learns as much about the workplace from their colleagues as from the job itself. Bear in mind, also, that internships are often used by firms to seek out new talent, so take the opportunity to network and make your mark.

Get to know your “buddy”. Your company may allocate you a mentor or “buddy”, who should get in touch with you early on in your placement. Meet up with them for coffee, lunch or – if the sun comes out – a picnic lunch and feel free to ask them any burning questions. They may also be new to the firm and be able to suggest ways to get to grips with the work, places to eat or things to do after work.


Stay in touch. After the placement, stay in touch with your colleagues, and your employer in particular. Let them know what you are doing, so that when you ask them for a reference, they remember not only your name but who you are as a person. Also, keeping in touch means that when the company is recruiting, you will be down on their list as a potential employee.

Assess the experience. Once the internship is over, don’t just erase it from your memory. Take some time to think how it went. What skills and knowledge did you gain? Which aspects of your role did you enjoy the most? Did the placement fall short of, meet or exceed your expectations?

Disability inclusive employers

We are delighted to work with the following employers who show a commitment to diversity and disability equality.

Recruitment and disability related websites

If you need additional information or guidance on disability issues and recruitment follow this link

Liked our service? Want to give back?

At EmployAbility, we are always keen to hear from students/ graduates who have experienced our services and want to spread the word about the work we do and the internship/ graduate programmes we offer. Could you help raise awareness at your university, for instance by displaying information about our services and promoting internship/ graduate programmes in strategic places? We can produce marketing material in a format that is suitable (i.e. leaflets, A4 flyers…) or come and visit your university for a specific event. If you are able to help, please contact Racheal Ellis

We are also keen to hear from students who have participated in EmployAbility internship/ graduate/ training contract programmes to inspire other disabled students at our skills workshops and other events. If this is something you would consider, please email Racheal Ellis

Get in touch

Is there anything you would like to see featured in future editions? Or perhaps you would like to see yourself featured in the next edition of eAbility? We would love to hear your comments and suggestions. Equally, if you are involved in any disability specific or other events, careers fairs, or know of a useful disability or employment website, please tell us about it at: info@employ-ability.org.uk

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I have just received an offer to join J.P. Morgan Asset Management as a Summer Analyst next summer and I really want to thank all of you at EmployAbility for all the invaluable help you have provided me throughout the process.

JB - Finance Summer Analyst 2018

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