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Next Generation Inclusive Thinking Webinar Series - 2

Open Q & A: Your Disability and Employment Questions Answered

In April, EmployAbility launched its brand new Next Generation Inclusive Thinking webinar series. These form part of a wider manifesto and best practice policy, which we hope will shape the next stage of the conversation around disability inclusivity throughout the lifecycle of the work journey. 
Our team of legal, recruitment and adjustment experts, along with student advocates, has carried out a six month audit and research programme, examining how, ten years on, the Equality Act is working in practice. The good news is that some aspects are working, and we have seen a more widespread acceptance across society, of the idea that the playing field should be levelled for disabled and neurodiverse candidates and employees. Neurodiversity and mental health are on the agenda in a way that wasn't the case a decade ago, meaning increasing numbers of people are becoming aware that they do have some legal protection. The shortcomings however, are real. Much of the language surrounding disability, and many of the assumptions, have been carried over from the old legislation, the Disability Discrimination Act. The parts of the Equality Act that deal with disability in recruitment radically changed what employers are  and are not allowed to ask candidates, for the express purpose of reducing discrimination. The idea of having to 'disclose' a disability in order to access reasonable adjustments was done away with. To be clear, since 2010, any potential employer has been expressly banned from asking any questions about the existence or nature of disability. Underlying this is the idea that an individuals' right to privacy in respect of their health information, should not, must not, be required to be compromised in order for them to access adjustments and their equally important rights to be treated fairly. 
There is also still significant confusion around what sorts of adjustments might be useful, what is or isn't considered reasonable, and what sort of evidence employers can ask for. (Tip: none). 
Awareness surrounding rights and adjustments was the subject of our first webinar. If you didn't get the chance to attend, you can catch up here.
We would love for you to join our other webinars, each of which is free, lasts 45 minutes, and is interactive. We are here to support you, and to empower you. The timetable and links can be found below. Please click the link below to join the webinar.

This event is now closed for applications.

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EmployAbility's Disability Empowerment Training session was very engaging and insightful... providing best practice advice for the recruitment process and beyond - Amazon

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