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MG – Intern – Investment Banking

“Employability provides a valuable service for students who have a keen interest and desire to pursue a career in banking, those of whom alone my find it difficult to achieve.  The team are extremely helpful and provide candidates with an important source of information and advice.  The insight they possess has undoubtedly benefited me in […]

MH – Summer Analyst Intern – Banking

By being aware of assistance that can be provided in the workplace with regards to disabilities it has given me the confidence to apply.”

EmployAbility in Law – Autumn 2015

On the whole it was a very rewarding experience and I hope to attend similar events in the future."

AS – Sales and Trading Intern – Banking

“I think they do a great job and I am very grateful. "

EmployAbility in Law – Autumn 2015

"...From networking with people with disabilities it is now ever clearer if you have ambition, drive and commitment, you can achieve your goal! 10 out of 10!”

PP – Equities Intern – Goldman Sachs

“EmployAbility helped me gain an internship with Goldman Sachs. I was an intern in the FICC/ Equities Sales and Trading division. It was a fantastic experience with the world's top investment bank and it could not have been possible without the support from EmployAbility”

EmployAbility In Law – November 2015

“This event changed my perspective about my own disability, employers’ perceptions about disability and enabled to understand my disability and taught me how I can overcome some of the barriers I have had in the past (specifically at the application stages for roles) and overall how to move on in my career. “

JV, Intern, Goldman Sachs

"... I feel better informed about what I can do and that employers cannot discriminate in the way I thought.”

EmployAbility in Law – Autumn 2015

"...the event had an entire genuine feel to it in that it felt like it was organised to guide and help you in the best possible way.”

JB, Operations Intern, Banking

“I was very pleased with the support I received while applying for the internship and during the interview process. It was a very new experience for me but EmployAbility ensured I was thoroughly prepared and given whatever adjustments I required.”

EmployAbility in Law – Summer 2015

“The Employability in Law event was much more informative than I had hoped for. Pursuing a career in law can be disheartening at times, especially if you have a disability. Meeting a variety of individuals with a range of disabilities gave me hope and also an extra sense of determination.”

RB, Finance Intern, Banking

“I think you have been excellent, you have taken the time and effort to address my specific problems with great care and attention. It has improved my job prospects as I now have a clearer understanding of what area in banking I want to work for.”

EmployAbility in Law – Autumn 2015

“Just wanted to say thanks for putting on such a great event last Thursday. It was great to hear the stories of everyone who was there. You and your team do such a great job at bringing out the best in people and make a significant impact to many of our lives!”

TC, BPP Law School, 2016

"The work undertaken by the EmployAbility team is essential to the diversification of the workplace when it comes to disability, and the understanding of the wide range of skills that such individuals can bring to the legal profession."

TC, BPP Law School, 2016

EmployAbility in Law, Summer 2015

Thank you to EmployAbility for giving me the confidence to pursue my dream career at a leading City law firm, such as Reed Smith.”

WY, Nottingham Graduate

AS, Undergraduate, Nottingham University 2015

“Although the internship I eventually secured this year was not one that I applied for through Employability, the experiences and advice that your organisation has offered me throughout the recruitment process has been extremely useful in helping me to finally succeed at interview, and I would like to extend my thanks to you and your colleagues.”

AS, Undergraduate, Nottingham University 2015

EmployAbility in Law, Summer 2015

“…I have been continually impressed by EmployAbility. The event was very well organised and the kind and helpful staff at EmployAbility made me feel comfortable and welcomed. This is something you don’t get on most open days!”

BW, History Student, University of Oxford

“This is event is to be recommended for people with disabilities who want to know how to approach law firms and what adjustments might be made in the recruitment process.”

BW, History Student, University of Oxford

Google Europe TechAbility – Business, November 2012

I cannot express how much this event shaped my technology vision. Google have given me ideas and tools to apply my capability, and vision to take forward and hone-in my specialized field of assistive technology and my studies. It was simply an incredible day to be surrounded by Googlers (Google staff) who are fervent about what they do in the fast-paced digital technology industry.

JA, Physics with Finance (QMUL) – FSA Internship Summer 2011

EmployAbility is about much more than applying for jobs! Justin was excellent at providing help and support throughout the application process - from the form to the final interview. After I received an offer I was invited to an orientation event to enable me get the most from my internship. During the internship itself, I was offered further support and invited to attend networking events with EmployAbility alumni.

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